CMS Solution

NTSPL CMS Solution is a complete web content management system. Third party API (Payment Gateway, Discussion Forums & etc.) can easily integrate with our CMS Solution.

Administration Interface:

Besides web-page content administration which could be easily handled via a Microsoft Word-like interface, all other administration tools are easily accessed and made available in the website administration interface protected by administration login. All administration tools such as category and section management, media management, etc are structured in a highly user-friendly arrangement.

Menu Management

Website menus are made much easier to handle in terms of ordering and appearance by the Menu Management component which also provides means for categorizing between different menu types.
CMS Solution

Content Management

The Content Management component of the CMS support easy updating and managing of website content pages via an easily comprehensible interface promoting content editing with tools similar to that of Microsoft Word.

Archive Management:

With this CMS, older contents need not be removed permanently. The Archive Management provides ways for storing older website contents which is managed by the archive manager and can be renovated for use in the future.

User Management

With the provision of User Management, website administrators could easily handle website access hierarchy should it be necessary for the type of information maintained in specific content pages.

Statistics (Browser, OS, Domain):

Statistical information regarding server information, browser information and other system information is provided by the Statistic component.

Banner Management

The Banner Management component promotes easy handling of the website Banners in terms of publishing selected banners on WebPages.

Media Management

Pictures and graphical website components could be readily managed and organized into folders using the Media Manager, which also provide means for uploading website images. The advantage is that website images could be stored and selected for publishing whenever by the website administrator.

Section and Categories

Website contents could be categorized by Sections and Categories for better organizing and storing of content pages as well as publishing listing of webpage contents by categories and/or sections in the website whenever it becomes necessary.

Template management

Changing the appearance of the website could be carried out surprisingly fast and easy by the Template Management component which is capable of handling numerous website templates for switching between templates whilst maintaining the website contents.

Online Editor Pro

The Online Editor provides a simple and understandable interface for editing web page contents with tools similar to Microsoft Word.

Pro-Features: In this package you get the pro version of the editor with the following features:

  • Picture manager with automatic resizing and thumbnail generation
  • File manager with automatic download link generator
  • extended editor features for building and modifying tables

Contact Management

Managing numerous website contacts is readily managed by the provision of a Contact Management component, enabling easy maintenance of contact information and the creation of new contact information, all of which could be optionally published on the WebPages by the administrator.

Web Links

This component of the CMS promotes easy management of Web Links in the site linking to destination sites.

Who's Online, Hits

Basic statistical information regarding the number of users online by user type (e.g. guest) and the total number of website visits is provided and available for publishing.

Site Search Engine

This auto-updating feature dynamically generates a Site Search Engine with advanced functions. The engine searches not only on keywords in your site, but also text in uploaded Word and PDF documents.The engine can be modified to your preferences for a search engine function, and certain site pages, sections and documents can be blocked from the search engine.

Contact Form

Let the visitors of your Website easily contact you through a contact form.

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