Payroll Management System

NTSPL Payroll Application has captured in it all the Payroll Processes for small/ medium/ larger sized company follows. We can help you automate your Payroll System by developing Payroll Application that suits your specific requirements.

Payroll Package is one of our more successful and popular products, used by many Multinational Banks, FIIs, BPO Providers, Indian / Multinational Business Houses, Advertising Agencies, Clearing Agencies & Dot Com / Marketing / Finance/ Manufacturing Companies. We have come with the ideal solution to Manual Payroll Process with a software, which accounts & manages your business on your finger tips.

Payroll Application allows organization to generate pay slips and salary register, based on the attendance of the employees taking care of leaves, overtime, allowances, loans, advance, bonus, encashement and other standard deductions like PF, E.S.IC, Professional Tax, Income Tax etc. You just have to assign the employee a salary structure and you are ready to generate and manage payroll processes with respect to that employee. Also, Orange provides the end user to have the flexibility to create his own salary structures and salary formulae in its business.

The software can be configured by the user side to give restricted access to the front desk operator, and complete access to the main HR authorized person.

Why should you use Customized Payroll Software ?

Your business is unique. A readymade payroll software might not meet all your specific business requirements. Developing a tailor made payroll software solution for your organization will eliminate the risk of non compatibility of the software with the system. We can help you automate your payroll system to match your business policies, the laws and regulations, and specific needs of your organization.
Employee Profile Payroll Management System
Leave Management System HRD Procedures
Time Management System Reimbursement Management
Employee Transfer, Promotions & Increments. Reports
Employee Joining Information. Probation Confirmation details.
Employee Profile. Employee Current position and job profile.
Family background details. Employee Local address and References details.
Employee Emergency address and contact person details. Reports
Awards given to Employee and their Children. Documents submitted by employee.
Employee Club Membership Profile. Assets given to employee.
Employees extra Circular Activities / sports / social etc. Employee Training details.
Canteen Info Holidays Info (Fixed / Non-fixed)
User defined Salary Heads
Professional Tax Slab
Payslip Generation
Salary formula
Create your own Salary Structures
Final Settlement
PF Challan
Tax Calculation
Company Reports
Company Details Contractor Details
Company Holidays Bank Details
Leave Types Detail Bonus Types
Professional Tax Details  
Leave & Attendance Reports
Employee Leave Application Used Leave Detail
Employee Leave Approval Leave Closing Yearly
Leave Balance Credit Days
Late Coming Leave Enhancement
Late Sitting Attendance Detail
Early Going In out Summary
Compensate off Details Attendance Summary
Shift Details Present: Employee wise & Date Wise
Employee Current Shift Absent: Employee wise & Date Wise
Overtime Details Holiday Work
Employee Total Over Time Hour Current Present Employee
Daily Attendance Report Device In-Out Detail
Daily Absent Report Leave Closing as on Date
Monthly Attendance  
Employee Reports
Employee Joining Information Emergency Address-Contact Details
Employee Probation Details Birthday List
Employee Profile Employee Training History
Employee Salary Structure Employee Mail Lable
Transfer/Promotion Details Allowance Deduction Report
Salary Increment Details Salary Structure
Resigned Employee Details CTC
Department wise Employee List Week Off
Blood Group Employee List Enrollment Report
Family Background Details  
Payroll Reports
Salary Heads Detail Salary Cheque Statement
Monthly Salary Register Salary Slip
Salary Statement Depositing in Bank Bonus Details
Salary Cash Statement Conveyance Details
Government of India Taxation Forms Reports
ESIC Challans PF Challans
PT Challans TDS
Form6A(Employees Yearly PF Contribution) PF Statements
Form-3 (For Professional Tax) Chart Report
Form12A(Revised)-Employee's Monthly PF Contribution Performance
Form3A(Revised)Details of Employees Pension Fund Scheme-Yearly Credit
Form-10(Employee's PF Organisation for Resigned Employee's)
Salary Reports
Salary Muster(Accountant) Bank Statement
Salary Sheet Bank Transfer Statement
Online Time Bank Recovering Statement
Salary Summary Reimbursement Detail

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