SharePoint Implementation

Microsoft SharePoint has the flexibility to be an organization's intranet, content management system, knowledge management system, and business process automation platform. NTSPL leverages SharePoint to improve business productivity and efficiency thus positively impacting both revenue and earnings for our clients. SharePoint is a horizontal solution foundation and a development platform that is tightly integrated with Windows Server, Internet Information Services (IIS), Active Directory, the .NET Framework, Performance Point Services and SQL Server. SharePoint's portal, collaboration, searches, and content management features can provide value across all departments of the enterprise.

One of the key requirements of a successful SharePoint implementation is the involvement of an experienced and reliable implementation partner like NTSPL. NTSPL has leveraged SharePoint as a platform for numerous complex client enterprise intranets, extranets, business intelligence solutions, customized business applications and public websites. NTSPL is an expert in the architecture, implementation, customization, extension, user interface design, and adoption of SharePoint.

From a technology perspective, NTSPL solutions are typically composed of several layers of Microsoft technology with SharePoint often as a foundation combined with custom .NET development, Performance Point Services, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Reporting Services, SQL Analysis Services, and SQL Integration Services.

NTSPL has a proven set of SharePoint implementation best practices to ensure your solution meets both near and long-term needs. We carefully analyze the implementation objectives, environment, and management to define configuration options, data security requirements, departmental, group, team and personnel structuring, and key reporting requirements. The NTSPL SharePoint team has extensive experience leading organizations through the SharePoint implementation process leveraging these proven best practices, our methodology, and our 3+ year track record of success.


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