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Short Message Service (SMS) is a communications protocol allowing the interchange of short text messages between mobile telephone devices. SMS service is the most widely used data application on the planet, with 2.4 billion active users, or 74% of all mobile phone subscribers sending and receiving SMS text messages on their phones. The SMS service technology has facilitated the development and growth of text messaging.

SMS Service:

NTSPL provides SMS services to small, mid and large business by increasing the customer satisfaction and better SMS service intimacy, SMS service gateway is a very simple yet powerful application which has the capability of sending SMS text service to a very large number of recipients. SMS service is an extremely cost-effective, high-response-rate, which can help to acquire and retain consumers, sell and promote products, drive loyalty, and reinforce branding efforts.

Through our SMS Features, we offer:

  • Web Enabled SMS Service
  • Enterprise Messaging SMS Solution
  • Short Code SMS Services
  • Long Code SMS Services

Web Enabled SMS Service

Web Enabled SMS Service will have a dedicated SMS service Account which enables users to send messages via the Internet in their own header. Web Enabled SMS Services comes with a rich user interface, just a few clicks accelerating user navigation thus reduces the learning curve to understand the flow within the software. User can send messages to unlimited number of mobile devices, the list of mobile numbers can be in form of excel, text or an access file.

Features of Web Enabled SMS:

  • No Initial setup fees
  • No software required
  • Web enabled tool free of cost
  • free and Unlimited Sender IDs
  • Excel Sheet Upload option
  • Delivery reports available
  • Instant turnaround time
  • Dedicated Manager
  • Easy and instant integration
  • trouble-free deployment
NTSPL is a leading provider of Bulk SMS Service solutions in a personalized and customized form, having direct connectivity with telecom operators. NTSPL is a leading SMS gateway service provider, Offering web SMS services all over the world.

NTSPL provides Bulk sms service & web sms Bulk service WorldWide. We are a leading bulk sms provider, web sms provider & provide bulk sms sender & cheap bulk web sms service to all the International Mobile Networks. To send web sms & bulk sms messaging service, NTSPL provides bulk sms service application.

Enterprise Messaging Service Solution

Enterprise SMS Service messaging is desktop software for sending SMS and managing contacts details like name, mobile no, Groups, Birth day, Anniversary date etc from computer. Enterprise SMS Service allows businesses to push bulk messages with unlimited grouping and customized template. Enterprise SMS service have in-built excel plugin with customized the individual sms message of each numbers. Enterprise SMS service messaging desktop software for sending SMS messages and managing contacts from personal computer. Enterprise SMS Services designed to deliver SMS in a fast and efficient manner from a Personal Computer. This product is ideally suited for the messaging needs of the SME Service and SOHO segment services.
Through our Enterprise SMS Service Features, we offer:
  • Notifications
  • Receive instant delivery notification
  • Full Feature Contact Management
  • Import contacts from Excel
  • Importing/Exporting Messages
  • Minimal Operating Requirements
Enterprise SMS Service utilizes to provide efficient transmission of large volume of data, even on low-end desktop terminals with slow internet connectivity.

Bulk SMS Cost

Promotional SMS

SMS Credits Rates per SMS Validity
50,000 .50 paisa Unlimited
1,00,000 .45 paisa Unlimited
5,00,000 .40 paisa Unlimited
10,00,000 .35 paisa Unlimited

Transitional SMS

SMS Credits Rates per SMS Validity
50,000 .35 paisa Unlimited
1,00,000 .30paisa Unlimited
5,00,000 .25 paisa Unlimited
10,00,000 .25 paisa Unlimited


NTSPL mobile messaging can be integrated through an API (Application Programme Interface) into the enterprise's back-end infrastructure. This service enables enterprises to improve internal processes via SMS, by integrating mobile messaging into enterprise software and server systems using NTSPL secure and reliable SMS infrastructure. Large enterprises where the requirements are too complex and varied can incorporate the API function calls in their CRM / ERP applications.

SMS API is ideal for communicating channel to keep people informed and updated, as well as creates a real time network of important information. NTSPL (SMS API) provides businesses with a high quality interface to send and receive SMS messages, which can be integrated into the enterprise's back-end infrastructure.
Through our SMS API Features, we offer:
  • Optimize Business Processes
  • Simplified API
  • Highly Secured
  • Reliability in Integrating SMS
  • Easy to Processes
  • Accurate Traceability
  • Auditing Capacity
  • Premium Quality & National Reach in integrating SMS

Short Code Services

SMS Shortcode Services (56677 / 56006 / 56767 / 5888). Today's cutting-edge Mobile and Cellular Technology has changed the way we live and work. SMS Short Code service avails one stop interaction media through which we could interact with our customers directly and conduct various Media Promotion events like Contests/ Survey, Lucky Winner Draw, Bids, Product Enquiries, Lead generation in a cost effective manner.
Through our SMS Shortcode Services Features, we offer:
  • Auto Welcome Message (FREE)
  • Web Based Control Panel
  • Unlimited Sub Keywords
  • Customized Welcome Message
  • Email Forwarding
  • Real Time Web Based Reporting
Revenue Sharing: Minimum 1 LAC SMS Per Month will generate Rs.20,000 approx. Customer Charged for SMS: Rs. 1/Rs. 2/ Rs. 3 Per SMS (varies operator to operator). These charges cannot be changed under any circumstances; these prices are charged by operators as per TRAI regulations.

Long Code Services

A long code is a 10 digit mobile number which is rented out from a service provider. Depending on the service provider, that long code might be real or virtual. The long code works similar to a short code, i.e. across all operators and is relatively cheaper. A long code has less recall value and is usually used by closed organizations such as clubs or a team working on the same project. Basically used by closed organizations such as clubs or a team working on the same project enterprises do not want their customers and employees to pay a premium for outgoing SMS.
Through our Long Code Service Features, we offer:
  • Set a Auto Response message
  • Choose to receive SMS Message on Email
  • Process the message and send custom reply from a database. (real-time)
  • Implement two-way sms on your website
  • Get your own Keywords
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