We are excited to announce that #NTSPL has successfully delivered #ecommerce platform for online sale of #government #publications including #calendars and #diaries for the Department of Commerce & Transport, Odisha. Within 45 days we have successfully delivered this #ecommerce project, which is a #greatachievement for us.

As part of the #5T initiative, the state government has launched an #ecommerce platform for online sale of government publications including calendars and diaries.

Agriculture Production Commissioner Pradipta Kumar Mohapatra launched the #ecommerce portal of the directorate of printing, stationery and publication, Odisha in presence of Commerce & Transport secretary G Srinivas, Director Mahendra Pratap, AK Mohanty, Senior Technical Director NIC.

The new #ecommerce Portal of Govt Publication is accessible from this link

This kind of Government #ecommerce website is first in India, which has been designed, developed and hosted by National Informatics Center Bhubaneswar.

Government press generally prints the materials indented by government departments. However, on the occasion of New Year, it prints 50,000 government diaries, different varieties of calendars (4,40,000) and other publications.

People can pay them online and get the delivery anytime and anywhere. This website will make the government publications accessible to all the public both in the state and outside the state, official sources said.