Our passion for our work drives us—our experience gets the job done.

Since opening our doors in 1999, Nexus Technoware Solution Private Limited (NTSPL HOSTING) has been committed to bringing the power of the Internet to our customers across the globe with innovative and easy-to-use products that are supported by unmatched customer service. One of the top-five leading Web hosting companies, our experience gives us the skills to guide our customers through the process of getting on the Web by continually developing new, easy-to-use features and tools that take the difficulty out of creating, promoting and having a Web site..

Total Dedication to Customers’ Satisfaction
Superior support sets us apart from the bargain-basement Web hosts. We pride ourselves on offering the best and most reliable support in our industry. And with 24/7 live support, we’re there when you need us all day, every day.

Incredible Value
As your site grows and your needs change, NTSPL HOSTING is right there with the support and additional services you might need. NTSPL HOSTING proves that saving money doesn’t have to mean compromising service. From Web hosting and dedicated servers to managed services, NTSPL HOSTING’s affordable feature-packed plans are available for all your changing needs.

Trusted by Over 50,000 Customers Worldwide
NTSPL HOSTING’s number one asset is the growing base of loyal customers we serve every day. Customers small and large rely on NTSPL HOSTING to provide secure, reliable and value-rich hosting services for their Web operations.

Rackspace Infrastructure

Because we’re a customer of Rackspace Hosting, we’ve had the benefit of building NTSPL HOSTING on some of the most robust and reliable infrastructure in the world. And, as a Business Partner of Rackspace, we’ve been able to draw upon Rackspace’s unique expertise in running high-performance web clusters.

You can only guarantee the uptime on a redundant web cluster if the network and datacenters you’re using are world-class. In our case, we’re only able to offer the aggressive SLAs that we do because we’re using Rackspace’s Infrastructure