Digital technology has drastically evolved with the growing needs of people, along with the proliferation of ecommerce. The use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc., has levelled up marketing. It has helped the businesses to target their audience by following significant digital marketing trends. Using digital marketing for business has paved the way to get the right audience to advertise the wide range of products. From the past decade, digital marketing trends are proving to be a turnkey for growing sales without shedding much expenditure.

9 Digital Marketing Trends

Let’s look at some significant digital marketing trends that just cannot ignore.

  • Video Marketing
    Video Marketing is the best way among the variety of digital marketing trends. In this, you promote your business through videos.70% of companies have achieved remarkable profit margins with video marketing. Nowadays, for a digital marketing company in India, making a video is far more comfortable and feasible to inform customers about the business.Videos are highly engaging and can successfully increase conversion rates. Those can demonstrate the use of products that can build trust among the audience and, at the same time, create goodwill of your business. Video helps educate the customers. It can trigger them to buy the products, making the sales climb the ladder.
  • Personalized Marketing
    Emails and Social media advertisements have made it easy for a digital marketing company in India to follow their customers. Personalized marketing as a digital marketing trend is a boon for businesses to promote their products. You can inform your customers about the product launch, discounts, offers, sales, contests, giveaways, and much more.Personalized Marketing is a part of digital marketing in which you can use customized content, emails with names, personalized goods, and many more to give customers the much-needed special attention. However, to get the best results, businesses can implement artificial intelligence to create higher personalized offerings.
  • Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence is a seamless technology currently in the market. From the field of technology to marketing, this applied science has created a buzz for its offered benefits.Artificial intelligence, as a digital marketing trend, helps in hyper-personalized marketing. Machine learning technology helps identify customer’s behavior based on internet history, past purchase history, financial transactions, etc.Digital marketing companies in India can best use Artificial Intelligence to upscale the business profits. The technology can reduce your expenditure along with giving you an edge over the competition.
  • Conversational Chatbots
    One of the most significant digital marketing trends, you can see Conversational Chatbots popping up on every website nowadays. Chatbots are the instant messaging inbox present on the website, making the customers easy to communicate and solve their queries upfront.Website visitors come with less patience and are eager to get quick results. These Conversational Chatbots provide them with general guidance in no time. This trend aids in managing impatient customers to make them stay on the website for more time. Many digital marketing companies in India prefer to provide such essential digital marketing services for your business. That is because it significantly reduces the bounce rate.
  • Influencer Marketing
    This trend has exponentially increased after the rise of social media. As the name suggests, Influencer Marketing involves product placement or endorsements of a product from influencers.It serves as the proven digital marketing for business because it helps to develop the company’s brand image. Using influencers from various niches, companies can educate and inform the customers about the product specifications, its use or benefits. Through influencers, you can reach your target audience with the help of their followers on various social media platforms.
  • Voice Search
    Alexa users can relate to this digital marketing trend called Voice Search. Using the voice rather than inserting keywords has become far more accessible.The use of the Voice Search feature is proliferating as it is more convenient than punching in on the keyboard and editing. It is the instant way for people to find relevant information and shed the anomalies.Statistically, 70% of the people who have voice-activated speakers regularly use the voice search feature. If you think this digital marketing trend aids you the best, consult us. We, being the best digital marketing company in India, can walk you through its finest details for better success ratio.
  • Interactive Content
    The content that says something to your customers is always helpful to both the consumers and the businesses. With interactive content, you create a hook and engage the reader to stay online for a longer time on your website.Interactive content attracts the users and enables them to connect to your business directly. They are made to feel a part of your organization. As a result, it aids in creating brand awareness as well as brand loyalty.Interactive content as a digital marketing trend urges your users to know more about your business. Some interactive content instances include polls, quizzes, puzzles, 360-degree videos and embedded calculators.
  • Push Notifications
    Browser or website push notifications have put-forth the best way for direct engagement. Many companies are shifting their focus toward push notifications as this trend provides a high number of commitment rates.In this new digital marketing trend, you ask the user if they are interested in staying updated with your website posts. For that, they have to just click on the “Allow” button that pops out with the message.Earlier, businesses had newsletter subscriptions. It increased their profit to only 10% of companies. However, push notification has proven to grow the sales by up to 40%.
  • BlockChain Technology
    BlockChain technology has shown a new way to use digital marketing. Related to the data-driven market, this technology does not allow tampering the data. It is just like a digital ledger that manages your transactions.This enhanced digital marketing trend processes by forming a data exchange system between a brand and a consumer. It aids in linking consumers with marketers to provide accurate data management.BlockChain technology monitors the business’s digital marketing campaigns to achieve objective metrics. Moreover, BlockChain Technology prevents possible frauds and eliminates mediators.


The rise of digital marketing trends gives no break to smaller brands for establishing their presence in the market. With that, NTSPL can help you with the best digital marketing strategies for business for better conversions. Our services help you to pave the way of bridging communication, trust, and loyalty between you and the consumer. Contact us to get the most of these notable digital marketing trends and achieve the highest results.