Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) software created to stimulate conversations with humans online. It isn’t easy to differentiate for a user whether they are talking to humans or a computer while communicating with a chatbot. These conversations on chatbots happen in the natural language of the user on platforms like instant messaging, website chat box, mobile apps, onsite live chat apps, and on a telephonic call.

For a business, a chatbot is essential in performing marketing and sales-related tasks, solving customer queries and complaints, etc. The benefits of the chatbot for business are better lead generation, quicker conversions, enhancing sales, and increasing revenue.

A study shows, around 80% of businesses will inculcate some chatbot in their processes by the end of 2020. It is because the use of chatbot automates the day-to-day operations and saves the workforce cost of a business. We help you with these benefits as we are the best chatbot development company in India. We provide these chatbot services for your marketing, sales and customer service needs.

How Does Chatbot Work?

Chatbots work on natural language processing (NLP) which allows the computer to gauge human speech and communicate with them in their language. It involves natural language understanding (NLU) in which a chatbot identifies and extracts the user requests and converts text into structured data.

Natural language generation (NLG) is all about a chatbot responding to the user by transforming the structured data into text so that the user can understand what is being communicated. With that, the chatbot benefits customers in getting the best of services from your business at ease.

Chatbots are a vital tool to streamline the higher number of interactions between people and businesses. Your business can achieve higher engagement and improve the customer experience by using the chatbot service from the chatbot development company in India.

Businesses can also improve their functional capacity and efficiency with the utilization of chatbots. Hence, many businesses have chatbots as the centre of their promotion and advertising processes in current times. It is important to note that human intervention is vital to get the best out of any chatbot system.

Types of Chatbots

The technology in chatbot has evolved so much in its three-decade history. Micheal Mauldin introduced the term “ChatterBot” in 1994 for the first conversational program called Verbot. The types of chatbot prevalent in the current era for your business to avail of as under:

  1. Simple Chatbots – These are known as rule-based chatbots involving task-specific questionnaires put up to the customer by a business. There are predetermined sets of options in which the customer has to choose one or more options by clicking on buttons. Chatbot benefits to customers are all about being connected with the chatbot of a business until you get the desired answers in a straightforward dialogue.
  2. Smart Chatbots – The intellectually independent smart chatbots have certain machine languages (ML) that allow them to learn and stimulate human-like interactions with the customers. It is programmed to understand and put into context the keywords and sentiments in the language of the customer to give them requisite replies. It requires a lot of data to train itself and learn about customer queries concerning the business.
  3. Hybrid Chatbots – A combination of simple and smart chatbots, the hybrid chatbots have AI, ML, and NLP. It allows these chatbots to process and remember the conversation with the customer, understand their preferences, and solve their queries rapidly. These chatbots work wonders in bringing out the benefits of the chatbot for business, whether it is a rule-based task or intellectually independent conversation with your customers.

Benefits of Chatbots for Customers

Let us look at some of the best benefits a chatbot can offer to a customer

  • 24/7, 365 – Chatbots on a website or mobile apps are available 24/7, 365 for the customers to get any assistance related to the products and services. It helps the business in maintaining continuous communication with the customer to provide them with proper pre and post-sales experience.
  • Prompt Answers – When a customer is communicating with a chatbot, they get prompt replies to all their queries regarding the products and services. It is because these answers are already pre-recorded in the software program, and there is consistency in response to every customer. For that reason, it is one of the most important and sought-after chatbot benefits to customers.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction – In a conversation between a customer and support representative for a query solution, at times one or both get impatient with each other. Hence, mistakes tend to happen. However, chatbots are consistent in attending to all users, so there is a near certainty of providing higher customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Chatbots for Business

While we have looked at how chatbots can offer extensive service to customers, let’s look at how it can help businesses.

  • Understanding Customer’s Needs Better – With the information gathered from chatbots, businesses can get a fair understanding of what their customers like and dislike in the products and services. It helps the business in bringing the much-needed change to their product and services as per the needs of customers.
  • Cost-Saving – In every business, the pre and post-sales experience must be prioritized, and for that, chatbots play a massive role, especially in the modern era. The cost of a chatbot is relatively lower than a support representative’s cost, which leads to significant benefits of the chatbot for business.
  • Increasing Conversions and Sales – Chatbots are a massive communication channel for businesses to not only resolve current customer queries but also connect with new customers. With prompt responses and higher customer engagement, a business can be rest assured to have increased sales and higher profits.


Chatbot’s market cap was at 2.6 billion dollars in 2019, and it is expected to grow over 9.4 billion dollars if not more by 2024. We have recognized this increasing trend and are currently providing the best chatbot service that you can avail of to enhance business growth.

As a chatbot development company in India, we will help you in connecting and supporting your customers at a broader level and assess what works best for them in using your products or services. With the accumulated data from the customers by utilizing the chatbot, your business can improve the quality of the products or services to its best level and bolster the brand of the business manifold times.