Choosing the right GPS vehicle tracking solution can be an overwhelming experience as there are thousands of options available out there. But if you pay attention to certain factors, you will be able to bag the best GPS tracking software conveniently.

Pay close attention to the following important considerations when selecting a vehicle tracking solution provider

  • Passive Tracking System v/s Real-time Tracking System – In the GPS vehicle tracking solution with passive tracking systems, all the GPS data gets stored in the receiver unit. This data can then be downloaded to a local server by using an active Wi-Fi hotspot. Information is gathered after every 30 seconds. In the case of the real-time or active tracking system, a satellite or cellular modem is used. The data gets updated on the server continuously. The biggest benefit is that there won’t be any risk of data loss.
  • Quality Mapping – Go for that GPS tracking system in India that works in close collaboration with a reputed mapping provider. This ensures that you enjoy highly accurate and up-to-date mapping. A high-end GPS vehicle tracking solution should enable the user to zoom in alignment with the street level and offer satellite, street map and bird-eye views.
  • Theft Prevention – The best vehicle tracking system in India is the one that comes with an efficient theft prevention feature. Most of the time, fleet managers and laymen invest in GPS tracking software to prevent any instances of burglary. Theft prevention is possible in the real-time tracking system because it keeps on updating the vehicle position consistently. Thus, it becomes easier to track the missing vehicle easily.
  • Alerting Feature – A renowned vehicle tracking solution provider always equips the GPS tracker with agile alerting features. This notifies the user about any instance of unwanted behaviour. Make sure that the alert gets flagged in relevant reports. The user should get the alert in real-time through SMS or email. The GPS tracking software should send alerts in case of excessive speeding or entering into any prohibited location etc. You can also go for a GPS tracking solution that notifies you in case of due maintenance. The user can schedule the alerts in terms of engine-on times or miles driven.
  • Quality Reporting – While investing in GPS tracking software, know that the best vehicle tracking system in India would be the one that offers 100% authentic and quality reporting. This helps fleet managers always to make smart business decisions. Look for one which provides you with a flexible reporting system. The vehicle tracking solution provider should allow the user to automate monthly, weekly or instant reports as per the requirement. Also, make sure that the generated reports are easy-to-understand as well as brief and concise. It would be best if the reports would be available in a format of your choice, such as online, email, spreadsheet etc. Check if the reports can be archived for a long duration (at least one year). The reports should include instances of excessive idling of time, violation of traffic rules and so on.
  • Geo-fence Zone Feature – This feature enables the user to set up predetermined zones on vehicles. You will get a notification every time your vehicle enters or leaves a specific zone. The feature helps the fleet manager to determine in which area his vehicle is at a given point in time. This feature proves to be excessively beneficial in the case of school buses. Parents will always have the exact knowledge regarding the location of their kids.
  • Hardware Quality – A leading vehicle tracking solution provider will always offer impeccable hardware quality. There is no benefit of saving a few precious bucks by getting yourself a low-quality tracking unit. Be highly vigilant and get yourself a GPS vehicle tracking solution that is waterproof, impact-resistant, and heat resistant. Choose the GPS tracking software as per the type of your vehicle. Know that the GPS tracker should be able to withstand extreme environmental and weather conditions.
  • Easy to Install and Maintain – Managing an entire fleet is already a complicated task. You won’t want any further complications on top of it. Therefore, you should opt for a GPS tracker, which is extremely convenient to install and maintain.

NTSPL’s Vehicle Tracking System Offerings –

  • Compatible with over 500 GPS Devices
  • 24 Hours Live Tracking
  • Instant Alerts
  • Offline Data Synchronization
  • Complete Security
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Points of Interest (POI) Tool
  • Sensors for monitoring fuel level, temperature, voltage, iButton, and RFID
  • Object Control
  • Supports Android and iOS Mobile Platforms
  • SMS Gateway Integration
  • 24 hours Support


GPS tracking solution is not a luxury but a necessity for fleet managers as well as commoners. If you want to bag the best vehicle tracking system in India, look for these attributes and features and make a smart and well-informed decision.

NTSPL offers an efficient and robust GPS Vehicle Tracking System that can help you increase the safety of your vehicles. Unlike other local providers, NTSPL’s GPS software is ready to be paired with over 500 GPS devices and seamlessly sync with your platform. The system can help you track real-time locations and will give you instant notifications.

NTSPL also offers a custom-built GPS vehicle tracking solution that can be activated within 7 days.