A new beginning with a new achievement on the very first day of year 2020!!

We are excited to announce that #NTSPL has successfully designed and developed #eGazette Portal with #Aadhaar based #eSign along with #GIGW & #Cybersecurity Compliance which is first of its kind in the country.

In another step towards realisation of the 5T charter of Government, Chief Secretary Sri Asit Kumar Tripathy launched the #eGazette Portal ( today at a function held in Lok Seva Bhawan.

Launching the #eGazette Portal, #Odisha Chief Secretary Sri Asit Kumar Tripathy termed, “#eGazette is a milestone in #governance, the online system will expedite the process of #Gazette Publication and will make it error-free and #Paperless since no paper will be used it will save trees as well as the cost of the paper and printing materials along with the transportation cost.” The e-Gazette will have hassle-free access to all indenting, publishing, user departments, institutions and public anytime anywhere.

Describing details on the portal, Commerce and Transport Secretary G Srinivas said e-Gazette will provide the facility for department-wise and subject-wise search of the notifications. One need not run to Government Press or Secretariat to get a copy of the Gazette. People can log on to, he said.

The departments will upload their notifications which will be scrutinized by the Government Press with number and date of the Gazette to be circulated in the e-Gazette portal. There will be no possibility of manipulation in the contents of the Gazette as e-sign integration has been made for electronic signature for better and secure authentication.

Special Secretary of Commerce and Transport Manoj Mishra said e-Gazette portal has been designed and developed by the NIC. “Since e-publication is covered under Section- 8 of Information Technology Act, 2000 which enables it to acquire legal entity, it will save cost of paper, printing materials and minimise wastage,” he added.

Electronics and IT Secretary Manoj Mishra, who was also present in the meeting, said Odisha Gazette is a public journal and an authorised legal document of the state government published every Friday. Extraordinary issues are also published as and when required depending on urgency of the matter for publication.

E-Gazette portal has been designed using information technology for making the government gazette eco-friendly. Such e-publication is also covered under #Section-8 of IT Act, 2000 which provides it the legal status, he added.

To make use of the portal, departments have to register themselves in the portal. They would upload their content material which would be scrutinised by the government press as per the norms. The number and date of the gazette would also be there on the portal. The electronic signature (e-sign) has been introduced for a better and secure authentication of the intending departments for avoiding the possibility of any manipulation in the contents. The system has been developed through NIC which is first of its kind in the country.

Development Commissioner Sri Suresh Chandra Mohapatra, Agriculture Production Commissioner Sri P.K. Mohapatra along with Additional Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Secretaries, Special Secretaries, Director Government Printing Press, Smt Pratibha Singh Deputy Director General & SIO -NIC, Odisha, Mr.A.K Mohanty Scientist-F, NIC and senior officers of various departments participated in the launching of the Gazette done from Lok Seva Bhawan today afternoon.