Share puts the Internet’s information at your fingertips. Now you can use the Google Search Appliance to do the same for your corporate information.

An on-premise, easy-to-deploy solution, the Google Search Appliance (GSA) provides universal search for your business, enabling your employees to search through all of your corporate data with one easy, familiar search box.

Your intranet, web servers, portals, file shares, databases, content management systems, and real-time data in business applications can all be searched within seconds to make your employees more productive.

It’s a secure corporate search solution as simple, powerful and comprehensive as Google itself.

ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, NSE India, HPCL, Jet Airways, and thousands of businesses worldwide are already using the Google Search Appliance to get a return on their information.

New! GSA 6.8 now includes:

  • Cloud Connect – integrated search with Google Apps, Site Search and Twitter
  • People Search – Search profile information about people in your organization
  • Dynamic Navigation – filter search results with specific metadata attributes
  • Active-Active – provide high availability by directing search traffic to multiple appliances
  • Sharepoint 2010 – Search all content within Sharepoint 2010 out of the box.


Search across websites, intranets, portals, fileshares, content management systems, and business applications to deliver true “universal” search for your organization.


Convert your website visitors into satisfied customers by delivering the information they need to facilitate purchase decisions, streamline support, and engage fully with your online brand.