Imagining a modern life today is impossible without the application of technologies in our daily lives. Technology has made our lives simple, provides us with better access, and offers multiple benefits.

GPS tracking is one such technology that has slipped into our modern lives without being aware of it. You would be surprised to know that this technology has been in use for quite a long time, but for the public, it has only recently become an indispensable part. Many companies started using GPS tracking solutions in India and have made our lives easier, as well as gave rise to GPS Tracking Software Company in India.

GPS tracking involves monitoring the status, locations, or movements of objects, vehicles, or sometimes even people for a variety of reasons. The benefits of GPS technology include improved safety, theft recovery, increased productivity, etc. For these benefits, a lot of industries or businesses have started emerging as a GPS Device Provider.

Let us take a look at such three areas/industries to know how they are using GPS tracking technology to their advantage:

GPS Tracking In Asset Management

Industries like automotive, aerospace & defense, mining, and oil & gas have started using GPS tracking technology to their advantage. This includes reading the movement and locations of their assets to know the utilization of their assets. GPS tracking helps them manage and improve the performance of their assets.

Some benefits of asset tracking are:

  • Real-time Location Updates: Asset tracking can be really useful for large industries like mining or oil & gas, where their pieces of equipment need to be employed over large areas. Assets are likely to get scattered all over the land and difficult to find and gather. GPS tracking technologies can help monitor the locations and status of the assets, including their operations.
  • Geo-fencing: Asset managers find this helpful because they can control the movement of their assets in a way. With the help of the Geo-fencing feature, one can create a virtual barrier around a real-world location. And when an asset is moving out of this boundary, the asset manager would get an alert. This helps in two ways, one in case of theft and another by managing the movement of assets to a restricted area.
  • Asset Usage Data: Asset managers can use the location data collected by tracking to understand the parameters like mileage and fuel consumption. It helps them understand if their strategy is achieving the desired productivity.

GPS Tracking In Fleet Management

The fleet management system is used by a lot of industries, mostly but not exclusively, by the companies which rely heavily on transportation, like the trucking industry. With the help of GPS tracking, one can track and collect real-time updates of a mobile vehicle. This is where a Fleet Management Service Provider comes into the picture.

A Fleet Management Service Provider will help in installing a small device into the vehicle units, which will collect all the data and make it ready to be accessed with specifically designed software. Here are a few benefits of a fleet management system:

  • Fuel Efficiency: A fleet manager would understand how important it is to efficiently use fuel, mostly because of the cost. If the manager sees any activities or habits like speeding, detours, idling, unauthorized vehicle movements, that are leading to an unusual amount of fuel, he has the data to start taking measures against them.
  • Increase Efficiency: The awareness of being monitored closely makes the drivers follow regulatory standards, and this is why a driver is likely to perform better.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: One of the other benefits of the fleet management system is that it can help you stay updated with the vehicle’s condition and status. With odometer readings or engine run-time, one can schedule maintenance and regulate vehicle inefficiency.

GPS Tracking For Vehicle

GPS tracking technology has started growing in personal uses, too, other than business. Police departments use GPS tracking solutions in India with their vehicles for law enforcement.

Here are some benefits of a Vehicle Tracking Solution Provider for police departments:

  • Vehicle Location: A police department could use the information on the location of vehicles to understand which of them are closest to the location of a crime scene. This will also help them find a shorter route or traffic-free route to reach a location faster.
  • Assigned Duty: GPS tracking can help a police department maintain the dispatched police vehicle in their assigned zones.
  • Find Missing Vehicles: The work of police can be dangerous, and in case, vehicle or police on duty go missing, GPS tracking can help locate them.

GPS tracking for a vehicle is making great advancements in future technologies as engineers are trying to manufacture driverless cars. With the help of GPS technology, camera and sensors, it might be possible to manage a car just by using a designed software.


While GPS tracking technologies are mostly used for asset and fleet management, personal uses are done under ethical circumstances. For example, police forces are known to use GPS technology to monitor or find a criminal’s whereabouts. But for the general public, it is important to learn the legality of using this technology to know the whereabouts of a person or before using it for personal reasons.

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In case you are new to this technology, we will assist you through your doubts and questions, and help you to choose a service that fits your requirements.