If you are looking for an effective PHP framework for developing your business website, then your ideal option has to be CodeIgniter framework. It can be used effortlessly for the purpose of developing different web applications and websites. Major businesses and eminent entrepreneurs consider CodeIgniter to be the best PHP web service framework.  If you too wish to know more about this brilliant framework, this blog will cater to all your queries. Let’s read on!

CodeIgniter: What Does it Mean?

CodeIgniter is a popular PHP framework meant for the creation of codes from scratch. It comes loaded with plugins, helpers, libraries and several other attributes and help in performing a wide variety of complicated processes and functions. CodeIgniter is especially famous in the world of web development because of the variety of benefits it brings to the web developer. One can create dynamic websites and web applications using the open-source PHP framework of CodeIgniter.

Top Features of CodeIgniter Which Makes it an Immensely Popular Framework Among Web Developers

  • Extremely lightweight: CodeIgniter is just about 2 MB in size and is thus incredibly light in weight.
  • Form and data validation: It gets much easier to validate different forms because of the form and validation feature of CodeIgniter.
  • MVC-based system available: With CodeIgniter, you can access MVC or Model View Controller-based development.
  • Usage of template engine class: You can enjoy world-class user interfaces with CodeIgniter because of the template engine class.
  • URLs that are a perfect match for SEO: It gets much easier to generate search engine friendly URLs with CodeIgniter.
  • Image manipulation library: CodeIgniter brings along an image manipulation class size for the purpose of clipping, rotation, resize and so on.
  • Security as well as XSS filtering: CodeIgniter has XSS filtering as well as some other security features which make it an absolutely safe and secure PHP framework to use.

Why is CodeIgniter the Best PHP CMS Framework?

CodeIgniter is the #1 choice of all the web developers because of the below-given reasons:

  • Easy to configure: CodeIgniter framework is quite famous because it can be configured quite easily. Since it is an MVC-based PHP CMS framework, the configuration process is extremely simple, uncomplicated and transparent. All you are required to do is to download the latest version of CodeIgniter.
  • Lesser code leads to improved results: With CodeIgniter PHP framework, rapid development is possible because of fewer codes. Lesser number of codes means reduced chances of errors. You need to devote less time to debug. You must already know the fact that fewer codes mean less space requirement and smooth and swift performance. This further makes your web application or website lightweight.
  • Safe and secure PHP web service framework: With CodeIgniter PHP web service framework, you can rest assured about enhanced web security. You can enjoy robust security because of its different safety features and functionalities. Each of these features has detailed encryption and decryption features, using which the web developers can manage all the data diligently. CodeIgniter is known for its maximum level of security.
  • Better SEO: The website needs to rank high in the search engine results. Only then one will be able to maintain its online presence and earn enough revenues using the website. CodeIgniter is a popular PHP CMS framework that offers SEO-friendly features to website developers. One can easily leverage such features and generate SEP-friendly URLs so as to enhance the search engine optimisation of the website.
  • Herculean template solutions: A full stack developer or a website developer generally prefers using pre-built templates during the website or web app development. Such templates make the process swift, improved and error-free. With CodeIgniter framework, you can enjoy an in-built templating engine. This has helped so many web app developers to understand the project layout from the very beginning.
  • Convenient and easy testing facilities: CodeIgniter PHP framework offers test-driven development. Any professional web app developer can take the help of the testing methods available. These tests help in the proper scrutinisation of the website. Efficient testing is possible at every phase of web development.
  • Free and open-source development services: Another thing that makes CodeIgniter a popular choice is the fact that it is a free, open-source PHP framework. So, for all those businesses which require affordable website development, CodeIgniter PHP CMS framework can be an ideal solution. This framework needs no license fee. Developers can make the most out of this PHP framework because of its open-source nature. Thus, business owners need not splurge in sky-rocketed charges associated with advanced technology.
  • Small size: It is a lightweight framework and requires only 2MB of storage space. As a result, the PHP CMS framework leaves a minor footprint. Don’t go by the small size as this compact framework is self-sufficient and offers multiple advantages to the developers. You can expect incredible performance, although it occupies very limited disk space.
  •  Swift and rapid implementation time: CodeIgniter is known for its rapid response time. When compared with other frameworks, CodeIgniter turns out to be the winner.

Simple error management system: Developers prefer using CodeIgniter because it requires less typing of codes. This means there are fewer chances of errors. CodeIgniter PHP framework offers swift and smooth handling of errors. It has always been the leader of the pack when it comes to error management. A full stack developer just needs to type a code line, and the mistakes (if any) will pop up instantly. Also, CodeIgniter brings down the chances of bugs and snags in the app.


CodeIgniter is like a blessing for the developers as it comes loaded with advantages such as improved compatibility, homogeneity, no restrictive coding rules, and so on. An increasing number of aspiring web developers show interest in learning to use CodeIgniter. If you wish to get a PHP website or app for your business, we recommend you hire a talented, experienced and capable CodeIgniter expert.

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