Intranet Portal

An employee intranet portal is a private network used within a company for communication, collaboration, and critical information administration. In the long run, the amount of information that needs to be communicated across the organization will expand by a factor of ten, making it difficult to maintain good employee communication. An employee intranet portal is critical in sustaining a good employee experience within the firm in this digital transformation era.

It’s similar to a client experience, except that the clientele is internal employees. It aids in the seamless onboarding of new employees, keeps employees up to date with current information and changes, provides hassle-free access to protected company resources that are a click away, and promotes a collaborative and connected organization.

If you wish to upgrade your employee intranet portal, it is important to note that it can be a tough process. However, with the below list of essential features of the employee intranet portal, things are likely to fall in place smoothly.

List of essential features of employee intranet portal

Home Page that Changes

The home page is the first thing users see when they log into your corporate intranet. As a result, you should opt for a portal with an appealing, dynamic design as important features of employee intranet portal.

An intranet home page must meet three criteria: informational, appealing, and simple to browse. Users should be able to log in and see key information for the day. This comprises information about the organization, industry trends, work updates, and any other pertinent information. This information must be presented in a visually appealing manner.

Users will see this website first thing in the morning every day. A dynamic, visually appealing home page will do far more to boost morale than a static collection of links. Of course, the home page should be simple and easy to navigate. Users may be confused by an overly designed home page. Any intranet you choose should have a user-friendly and easy-to-understand home page.

Calendar for the Company

For many businesses, time management is a big challenge. It’s inconvenient for employees to be unaware of upcoming events. That’s why you should look for an intranet that includes a business calendar that can be readily updated and accessed.

You can use a company calendar to keep track of crucial upcoming events. Important meetings, quarterly reviews, holidays, and enjoyable gatherings are examples of these.

It should be simple to add events to the calendar and share them with users using your chosen intranet. Users will be less likely to miss forthcoming activities since they can check the calendar if they are unsure.

Capacity to Search

You may be keeping a significant amount of data, depending on the size of your company. As a result, the employee intranet portal software must feature you select offer comprehensive search capabilities.

By making it easy to find files, a corporate intranet with search capability can help you substantially reduce that time. You don’t want to waste time and money on an intranet site that doesn’t have a search feature. You’ll be wasting your users’ time and potentially losing money if you don’t.

Wiki for the company

While you may be happy to answer employee queries, you may not be happy after being asked the same question 50 times. An employee intranet portal with a built-in company wiki could be useful in this situation.

A company wiki is a terrific way to keep track of critical information that users may access whenever they want. They can search the topic on the wiki for an answer if they have any questions.

This is a terrific technique to increase staff knowledge while reducing the number of unwanted inquiries. While you’ll have to create the wiki’s content, your intranet provider should make it simple for you to add and organize data for your users.

Social Media Tools

Your company’s employee intranet portal should work in the same way that an online office does. Your intranet, like a physical office, should provide opportunities for employees to connect and have fun. As a result, you should seek an intranet that includes social tools.

Users can post to your company’s intranet portal using social features like these. These posts can then be reacted to and commented on by other users. This is a fun method to improve your portal’s overall intranet experience and staff engagement. As a result, we believe that social features are an absolute “must-have” for any firm seeking intranet portal software.

Management of Documents

An employee intranet portal software’s goal is to make it simple for employees to collaborate and engage. As a result, one of the most important “must-have” functions for an intranet site is document management.

An intranet that lacks document management capabilities is essentially a glorified texting app. If your company’s intranet lacks this feature, it’s time for an upgrade considering that document management is surely one of the features of the employee intranet portal.

Employees should easily create, share, modify, and delete documents within your organization using the intranet you pick. Users can work on many projects simultaneously from within your intranet saving time and allowing them to work more productively.

Automated workflows

When it comes to squandering time, there are some jobs that despite being routine, slow workers down. That is why you should search for a corporate intranet gateway that can automate many of these routine tasks.

Document approval, task creation, responsibility assignment, and other tasks don’t take much time in and of themselves, but they pile up over time. The more these processes can be automated, the more time your users can devote to more critical aspects of their professions.

That’s why you should opt for an intranet site that incorporates automated workflows. Your organization will be able to work more successfully than before by combining these with a gateway.


Depending on the size of your company, not everyone will be familiar with one another. It’s a lot easier to collaborate when you can put a face to a name. As a result, you should look for the employee intranet portal features that include an integrated staff directory.

Users can quickly learn about and get to know one another thanks to an employee directory. This is particularly useful for remote workers or businesses with many offices in different regions and time zones. While people may not meet in person, they can learn about each other through the directory. You should search for an intranet that allows users to contribute information and complete profiles easily.

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