What is a Responsive Website?

Are you looking for a mobile friendly web design? In a multi-screen world where one-fourth of the B2B website traffic is from mobile, it is almost mandatory to have a website that can be operated from any device. The idea of building a custom responsive website is simple but requires in-depth planning. One of the tips for responsive web design building is that responsive website designers and developers must work together to deliver a website experience that is positive and hassle-free across all devices.

The users always appreciate a mobile friendly web design or responsive websites, but most of them don’t realize the time and effort that responsive website designers must offer to carry out the same. The custom responsive website goes through crucial phases like planning content, development, testing, launching, etc. Understanding the processes or phases thoroughly is essential to obtain all the benefits of a custom responsive website.

To put it simply, responsive web design or a mobile friendly web design is a practice that allows both design and code of the website to respond to various sizes and types of devices. Either you are using a smartphone or a 40-inch display, you will receive an optimal viewing experience. The tips for responsive web design to achieve the best responsive website are to use flexible images, fluid grids, and CSS styling that allows altering the site’s design and extending it as per the browser’s width. On the other hand, a responsive website designer must look for ways to tailor the UI and UX of a website design to fit all the platforms and devices.

The Importance of a Responsive Website

While we talk about making a mobile friendly web design and a design that is responsive to nearly all the devices, we don’t mean to do it by designing and developing countless versions of the website to fit all the devices and browsers. The idea of creating various versions of the same website isn’t practical, both cost and time-wise. But a responsive design is an essential solution in future-proofing your website.

Suppose you are considering a responsive web design or updating an existing one. In that case, all you have to do is get in touch with responsive web design companies in India, which provide the best responsive web design services.

Tips for Responsive Web Design

We spoke to several experts from a responsive web design company in India and coined a few tips for an excellent response website. A responsive website designer must follow these tips for responsive web design.

  • Flexible Images: A responsive website designer must use flexible images while designing a responsive website. It is essential to know the scalability of the image, i.e., how it will turn out on a large desktop vs a small device like a smartphone. This is done by code which will allow the images to scale via a percentage value to the width of the browser.
  • User Experience: Responsive web design services must keep in mind that user experience is the key to building a responsive web design. For example, building a mobile-friendly web design is not about merely converting a desktop site to a mobile screen. But the interaction of the users and the essential content they are searching for plays a significant role.
  • Navigation: A mobile-friendly web design must be focused on navigation. A responsive website designer must know how to style the content, typography, sections, etc., to have easy navigation. One of the essential tips for responsive web design to follow while working on navigation is to design the site around specific content. Focus on how the layouts and elements will work on desktop vs how the same contents will work on a smaller device.
  • Engagement: In a mobile-friendly web design, a responsive website designer must understand the hierarchy layout. In the mobile-friendly web design, the experience should be more focused than on the desktop site. Since the space is limited in a mobile device, the website’s key message must be conveyed so that the users see it while scrolling through on mobile. With the help of responsive web design services, your website will be tailored in such a way.

Process of Web Designing

Responsive web design services focus on 3 main phases for the successful design of the website.

  • The Content Phase: The best responsive web design companies in India have teams of content creators that focus on careful planning of the content. The first tip for responsive web design content is to understand what attracts a potential client or prospect. The team will consider clients’ requirements and showcasing the content, creating sitemaps and blueprints for each page’s contents.
  • The Designing Phase: After completing sitemaps and wireframes, the teams of responsive web design services work on the designing phase. A truly custom website must have the ability to be tailored according to the content provided. Having all content in place – like, texts, images, videos must be done sooner so that the design and built are customized specifically. However, the designs can be edited and adjusted later on easily also. A responsive website designer of a responsive web design company in India knows how to approach the design phase to bring out a successful, responsive website.
  • The Development Phase: The last phase followed by the responsive web design services is the development phase. This phase comes after the designs are decided and approved, and the coding is done. The development phase takes comparatively more time than the previous phases. It might take a responsive web design company in India from weeks to months to convert the ideas, content, and design to a live website. After the design mockup is ready, responsive web design services must test the website for a mobile-friendly web design and across all the devices and platforms.
  • Outsourcing Your Responsive Website: No matter how much you are paying or how invested you are in building your website, at the end of the day, the website is not for you but your customers and target audience. Through your website, they will learn and understand the value and quality of your brand/business. And your customers/ prospects deserve an optimized, high-quality website for browsing and scrolling.

For this reason, it is best to outsource responsive web design services to a responsive web design company in India, where you get a highly optimized responsive website and get guidance from web strategists.


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