The tech industry sees evolution every day, with innovations coming to light to make people’s life easier. Technological development has been revolutionizing the lives of human beings for years now. One of such revolutionary ideas that have managed to change the world is various IoT application trends.

IoT, or the Internet of Things, as we know it, has changed the way the interconnections of devices work. In the mobile app development industry, the increasing growth of IoT has allowed people to develop cross-platform apps.

IoT application trends are changing the app development industry

According to a study conducted by Gartner in 2020, there were 20.8 billion connected IoT devices globally. The market share of IoT has also increased from $235 billion in 2017 to double its amount over the years. It is expected to hit $520 billion in 2021.

Undeniably IoT application development services have become a crucial inclusion in the mobile apps development industry. As IoT takes even a firmer grip on our everyday lives, app developers look to create apps that are not restricted to one platform.

The developers worldwide and at any IoT app development company in India now have a more significant role. As developers focus on innovation and improving the security of the apps, IoT platforms are also becoming essential in the app development industry. IoT platforms allow developers to develop and share their IoT apps on the IoT app store.

Top IoT Application Development Trends of 2021

Here are some of the IoT application trends that will be becoming popular in 2021 and a norm in the coming years of the application technology industry:

  1. Cybersecurity for IoT: With the increase of online devices, the cybersecurity of IoT application development services will become a norm. For businesses that will exclusively be using IoT apps, cybersecurity for IoT will become popular and imperative. As more people start using IoT applications, users will begin storing vulnerable information on the cloud. It is the right time for the IoT app development company in India to begin developing cybersecurity strategies.
  2. Smart Home Devices: The number of people upgrading to smart home devices has crossed 320 million in 2020. The number of people upgrading to smart home gadgets, including home safety, home automation, is only expected to be over 400 million in 2025. Many companies dealing with IoT application development services have also analyzed the number to see massive growth in years beyond 2025. Along with the comfort, another main reason people have switched to smart devices such as smart lights or thermostats is that these IoT devices save and conserve energy in the long term.
  3. IoT on healthcare: Another IoT application trend that is slowly becoming popular is IoT devices in the health care sector. With the implementation of IoT application development services in the healthcare industry, the efficiency, retrieving critical data from wearable devices could give them an instant boost. IoT technology will also help treat patients from remote until the help arrives. Even though IoT technology is already in use within the health sector as implants and smart wearables, IoT app development company in India expects it to increase by at least 26% in the coming few years.
  4. IoT maintenance: The next IoT application development services trend that could become mainstream is IoT apps for predictive maintenance. From big business owners to homeowners, the use of predictive maintenance can save a ton of money. Any IoT app development company in India will agree that IoT for predictive maintenance could also save lives by warning people of certain imminent dangers.
  5. IoT in Retail: Integration of IoT in retail apps will be beneficial to many eCommerce business owners. The retail supply chain will be efficient using smart shelves in inventory and supply chains. The companies dealing with IoT application development services have been working tirelessly to develop IoT application trends that will improve the consumer experience while online shopping by introducing IoT-enabled mobile applications.
  6. AI and ML in IoT: People who have even an iota of computer knowledge are familiar with the words Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Many IoT app development company in India has already started developing apps and services that will use AI and ML and IoT to create data-driven technologies. These technologies will help people shape the future of human-machine interaction. The combination of IoT with AI will also generate accurate information that could help save lives from disasters.
  7. IoT in Industrial Manufacturing: The next use of IoT application trends is industrial manufacturing in data analyzing and detecting anomalies. The use of ML in IoT by IoT application development services will make it easier for manufacturers to track any out-of-the-place behavior in their operations. The real-time tracking of their assets also helps them anticipate and locate any possible anomalies in equipments and react to them remotely from anywhere on the globe.

NTSPL IoT service offerings –

  • IoT Consultancy – Business operations have been greatly affected by IoT consulting in recent years. Today’s demanding business problems can be solved by NTSPL IoT consultants.
  • Seamless IoT Integration – Experts at NTSPL integrate IoT applications with CRM and ERP to make IoT data available across the enterprise. NTSPL’s IoT integration service has a standards-based source architecture, making data more accessible to IoT devices.
  • IoT Applications Development – NTSPL creates rich mobile, desktop, and browser-based apps for enterprises to manage IoT devices. The IoT mobile app development services can provide enterprises with next-generation technology.
  • IoT Testing – NTSPL’s experts use a comprehensive QA strategy that includes IoT testing. The IoT testing program includes testing types, simulators, and tools. NTSPL offers usability, data integrity, compatibility, and security testing.
  • IoT Support & Maintenance – NTSPL provides user-friendly support and maintenance services for IoT applications allowing you to get endless updates.

IoT is a relatively new subject, not only in India but globally too. However, keeping in mind how IoT application trends are fast-changing, mobile apps are developed, and other advanced gadgets are integrated into everyday lives.

With the way the app development industry has seen a huge surge in the last few years, the introduction of IoT apps development practice could make some surprising improvements. In the coming few years, IoT is expected to become more prominent in our day-to-day lives.


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