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IoT Application Development

Develop Next-Generation IoT Applications for Businesses Operating in a Range of Domains

As a leading IoT App Development Company in Bhubaneswar, India, NTSPL develops next-generation IoT apps that generate opportunities for more direct integration between the dynamic world and computer-based systems and results in increased efficiency, accuracy, and economic advantage.

The Internet of Things (IoT) connects everything to everyone globally and makes it a more active place. It gives a unique chance to modern and upcoming businesses.

IoT Application Development

The Internet of Things service empowers organizations to transform their business needs as per the requirements of the market by acquiring unique Internet of Things solutions.

NTSPL provides exceptional Internet of Things Solutions and Services, enabling businesses to get maximum benefits of IoT technology. We work with companies and organizations and provide complete IoT development solutions to them.

We design and improve IoT applications by identifying and assessing the software platform with vibrant solution architecture. IoT application development services help in developing smart devices connected to the internet and share data.

Build quick solutions that can connect your smartphones with remote devices. As an offshore IoT application development company, we offer on-time and thorough internet-of-things solutions at affordable prices. We create the next-generation IoT apps which can bring value to your business with increased efficiency, accuracy, and cost-saving upto 50%.

Benefits of Internet of Things Applications & Solutions

Internet of Things Applications & Solutions can be beneficial for the growth of your business in several ways-

Dynamic Resource Utilization

Dynamic Resource Utilization

Increase in Sales

Increase in Sales

Reduces Human Efforts

Reduces Human Efforts

Real-time Decision Making

Real-time Decision Making

Why Choose NTSPL?

Specialized IoT Teams

Years of industry experience and accomplishment of projects in different verticals have shown the NTSPL IoT team to an excess of industries and project requirements. As a result, you receive an extremely skilled and proficient team that you can rely on for all your needs.

Industry Experience

Our portfolio covers development for industrial and consumer IoT. We have worked with disruptive IoT startups and companies in industry verticals of Manufacturing, Consumer Electronics, Logistics, and a lot more.

Specialized IoT DevOps

DevOps in IoT actively integrate software development and performance by utilizing the data collected through different sensors. The IoT DevOps capability at NTSPL has been formed through a comprehensive understanding of each intricacy about this bridging of the gap between the physical and digital worlds.

Technology Stack

Our hands-on experience with seasoned and futuristic technology stacks makes the development of new products and services simpler, faster, and more cost-effective. NTSPL has an end to end expertise in using Edge to Cloud services for your IoT.

Secured Practices

IoT is actually a web of complicated products continually talking to each other and generating extensive amounts of data. You can only guess how a data breach may seem. Thus, we have executed all development practices at NTSPL highly reliable and efficient, ensuring the best data governance and data security policy and working at every step.

Compatible & Integrated

A well-designed and architectured mobile app is congenial not only to your device but also to several third-party apps. This integrated approach improves user experience and makes your device do more. Collect user data and behavior on the mobile application to personalize the experience more.

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Our Key Clients

With a clientele ranging from rapidly-growing start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, we have built healthy, long-term relationships by exceeding client expectations every single time. Here are our valuable clients who have been an integral part of our years of success & dedication.

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