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Complaint Management System, OSCPCR

Project Type

e-Governance Web Portal of Govt. of Odisha.

Technology Used

Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3.0, JQuery, PHP 7.4 CodeIgniter Framework & MySQL/Maria DB



Project Overview

The Complaint Management System web application allows the citizen to lodge complaints for child rights act without visiting the OSCPCR office or writing in physical paper. It is a robust web application to store, track and monitor complaints where it’s main aim to allow the citizen to lodge complaint falling under the Child Acts like below:

  • Juvenile Justice Act
  • Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POSCO)
  • Right to Free and Compulsory Education to All (RTE)
  • Child Marriage
  • Child Trafficking
  • Medical Negligence

Once the complaint has been lodged in the web portal, the system will generate a unique complaint ID for future references & tracking of the complaint status.


At the time of system study on the project, we found several challenges / issues in the current scenario because of manual / offline methods. Please find some of our observations we found at the time of system study. 

  • Citizens need to physically visit the OSCPCR office / write the complaint in the letter format along with the attached documents and send it to the OSCPCR office using an offline method (Hardcopy).
  • Due to the manual system for the complaint workflow, it was taking too much time to complete the closing process and moving from one stakeholder to another.
  • All notices / alerts were sent manually to different stakeholders as a hardcopy letter format for which it was taking a long time to complete the complaint closure process.
  • Citizens cannot have access to the complaint & it’s status as the process is an offline process.
  • No reports were available to track any complaint & it’s status.

Solution Approach

OSCPCR Complaint Management System is accessible to users via the Internet. The web portal will have two interfaces, one for the OSCPCR Users and one for the Citizens to register the complaint & to track the status of the complaint.

OSCPCR users of the system require login details or credentials to enter into the portal. The objective of the portal is to develop a single window platform for registration of complaints, redressal of complaints, tracking of the complaints and notify the stakeholders once complaint status is updated / moved to the next level. By this automation process, the complete complaint workflow process will be streamlined and according to level each stakeholder can track the status of each complaint and take action. The portal is targeted to have a very neat and clean user interface with zero to minimal learning curve.

The system has been developed on Open Source Platform (PHP, CodeIgniter Framework & Maria DB).

System being a web application; below table defines the software required to use the system.

Environment Description
Web Server Apache 2.4
Technology CodeIgniter PHP Framework
Database Server Maria DB 10.1.3
JavaScript JavaScript enabled browser
HTML HTML5 supported browser
CSS CSS3 supported browser

Impact / Benefits of Complaint Management System are –

  • It provides a centralized mechanism  to store online complaints that can be managed and auto complaint id will be generated in the portal for tracking.
  • Once complaints will be generated in the system then automatically workflow will start according to master workflow settings.
  • Streamlining and keeping record of each complaint for better tracking purposes.
  • Reduce paperwork and centralized information.
  • It will promote hassle free, paperless work and help in smooth monitoring and functioning of the complaints by the district and state level officials.

Module Details

  • Complaint Registration.
  • Dynamic Complaint Redressal Workflow
  • Complaint Handling
  • Complaint Tracking
  • Notification
  • Complaint Report

The OSCPCR Complaint Management System is accessible from this link


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