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Sterlite Connect (Copper Buddy)

Project Type

A Customized CRM Web & Mobile Application

Technology Used

Microsoft .NET MVC 5.0, Entity Framework, MSSQL Server 2016, HTML5, CSS 3, SAP Connector


Manufacturing (Metal & Mining)

Project Overview

The Sterlite Connect (Copper Buddy) is a customized CRM Web & Mobile Application developed by NTSPL, having full range of CRM functionalities for customers and internal stakeholders of Sterlite Copper Limited. The complete functionalities of this CRM Application has been integrated with SAP ERP and Cyber Security compliance also implemented.


To develop a new custom CRM tool for a large manufacturing unit like Sterlite Copper Limited is always a big challenge. Before we took-up the CRM project, Sterlite Copper was handling the CRM operation with another legacy application which was developed through a lower version of Microsoft .NET platform without SAP integration. So at the earlier time maximum functionalities were done through manual transaction both in CRM legacy application and SAP ERP. But in the current CRM application we have completely automated the CRM process along with SAP ERP integration. The major challenges we faced when we planned to migrate the old CRM data with new CRM application and direct SAP integration with CRM application.

Apart from technical challenges Sterlite Copper Limited also faced several other functional challenges in earlier CRM legacy application as per below points.

  • Customer onboarding & KYC verification facility was not there in earlier CRM application. So Sterlite Copper’s concerned team was registering customers directly in SAP through a manual process which was a completely time consuming process.
  •  Customer complaint system also is not working properly in earlier CRM application.
  • LC & BG register was not there in earlier CRM application.
  • In the customer ledger section commercial supplementary invoices were not displayed.
  • In earlier CRM customers were unable to create Proforma Invoice.
  • Pricing request and confirmation (PNDL & DNPL) features were not available.
  • Automated email of dispatched information to customer features was not available.
  • There were some issues in the QP Link & PIPO statement.
  • Again some issues were identified on Credit & Debit Note summary sections.

Solution Approach

The new CRM web application has developed on Microsoft Platform (NET, C# MVC & MSSQL Server). Through SAP Connector, the new CRM application is able to fetch & insert the required data into SAP ERP. Copper Buddy CRM Mobile Application has linked with CRM Web Application Database through Web APIs. Active Directory login authentication has also been used in the new CRM Application for easy access of the CRM portal by Sterlite Copper concerned members.

System being a web application; below table defines the software required to use the system.

Environment Description
Web Server IIS 10.0
Technology MVC .NET Framework 4.5.1, Entity Framework 5.0
Database Server MSSQL Server 2014
JavaScript JavaScript engine turned on browser
HTML HTML5 supported browser
CSS CSS3 supported browser
Mobile App Framework Apache Cordova
Standard Web Technologies for Mobile App HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript 
APIs Standard Web APIs & Device level APIs

Module Details

  • Customer Onboarding.
  • Purchase Order
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Sale Order View
  • Invoice
  • Test Certificate
  • Packaging List
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Status
  • Ledger Balance
  • Pricing Request and Confirmation (PNDL & DNPL) Module
  • QP Link Statement
  • Customer Complaint Module
  • Customer Visit Report.
  • London Metal Exchange (LME) Price.
  • Enquiry.
  • Product Information.
  • GST Module Implementation
  • Automated email of dispatch intimations to be sent to customers from Portal.
  • LC & BG Register
  • PIPO Statement
  • Credit & Debit Note Summary
  • Analytical Module
  • Mobile App

Impact / Benefits

Post implementation of new CRM Web Application ( & Copper Buddy Mobile Application, Sterlite Copper users have received the following benefits.

  • Increase in the number of new customer prospects pursued by sales representatives. 
  • Increase in revenue per month per sales representative.
  • Reduction in costs due to: Order Processing; Short-term acquisition costs and Customer referrals.
  • Better communication channels: 2-way communication channels should be established between Sterlite Copper and client.
  • Increase in customer satisfaction and positive experiences.
  • More up-to-date information and easy access to this information
  • From previous buying history and patterns, the sales folks can approach the customer and explain to them various product packages customized for them and the value they offer.
  • Improved use of mobile access devices.
  • Improved responsiveness to the customer and prospect requests.
  • Sales strategy implementation
  • Manage, categorize and customize prospect/ opportunities/ accounts reports
  • Systematic sales lead qualification and analysis
  • Accurate and strategic planning for future business
  • Track commissions & allocations to dealer’s/ channel partner agents
  • Seamless budgeting & forecasting for sales and marketing
  • Seamless order cycle management
  • Order processing ratio analysis
  • Order escalations and measures
  • Shipment analysis & customer feedback
  • Invoice generation & GR updates
  • Tracking customer-wise shipment
  • Track customer service schedules
  • Manage & learn from customers
  • Track customer preferences
  • Tracing all invoice activities
  • Invoice flow monitoring

The Sterlite Connect (Copper Buddy) is accessible from this link


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